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New to BSC crypto? Detailed Instructions Below!


We have a unique token distribution dynamic which allows the project to simultaneously obtain finances for monthly charity donations, provides deflationary value for investors, and obtain liquidity for long term project stability.

Together, these 3 aspects of the Official Token’s Tokenomics provide a full-circle benefit for everyone!

๐ŸŒ 8% Transaction Fee on Every Buy or Sell

๐Ÿš€ย 3% Goes to Liquidity
๐Ÿ”ฅ 3% Goes to Burn (Built-in Deflation!)
๐Ÿกย 2% Goes to Marketing & Charity Budget

For the Security and Safety of our Community, we have Locked Liquidity

Charitable Donations

A different charity or current event global aid project will be nominated and selected monthly via community vote. Donation events will be recorded, live-streamed and promoted through our mainstream media network.

Ethical Launchpad

We're creating a network of trusted, ethical crypto projects! Our Ethical Launchpad will offer a mentorship-style program for helping future projects to launch crypto projects safely and effectively for everyone.

Contests & Rewards

Random and Planned token rewards for community involvement including contests, content creation, social media involvement, ideas, helping the greater Official Token community, and more!

How To Buy

Quick & Simple Steps

OfficialToken Contract Address


Detailed Instructions using Trust Wallet

1. Download the TrustWallet app (iOS, Android) and follow the instructions to set up a new wallet. Be sure to save your recovery phrase in a safe place. (Very important!)

2. Tap on the "Wallet" icon on bottom and find "Smart Chain" token and open it. Tap the "Buy" button near the top corner.

3. Here you will be prompted to go through the process of purchasing "Smart Chain" token using your credit card information. The interface will lead you through the steps for this purchase. After that has confirmed, you can then continue. This sometimes takes a while! You'll receive a notification when the purchase has completed and your Smart Chain tokens are in your wallet.

4. Open the "Browser" section within Trust Wallet and go to ""
If you are using iPhone (iOS) you may not see the Browser if using Trust Wallet for the very first time. You'll have to enable the internal web browser within the Trust Wallet. To do this, exit out of Trust wallet and open the Safari Web Browser and type in the URL:ย  ย  trust://browser_enableย  ย ย Now you can go back to Trust Wallet and the "Browser" should be visible - open it and go to "".

5. After finding and opening GooseDefi, tap the logo in the upper left corner and make sure you are in the "Smart Chain" network.

6. Connect your wallet to GooseDefi by tapping the "Connect" button in upper right and then select "Trust Wallet".

7. Adjust slippage to 11% by tapping the settings button (gear image) and enter 11% in the slippage section.

8. We're almost there! In the upper swap section select "BNB" or "Smart Chain" and enter the amount you want to swap out or click "MAX" if you want to default to swapping all of it to OfficialToken. In the lower swap token, click on "Select Currency" and copy/paste the OfficialToken contract number into the search box.

Click to Copy OfficialToken Contract Number

When you see "OfficialToken" appear, click on "Add". You should now be swapping BNB Smart Chain for OfficialToken!

9. Click on "Swap" and then "Confirm Swap". If you get an error, try it a few more times. During high volume trading times it may cause errors. Once confirmed, you should be an OfficialToken Holder! Congrats!


Our most frequently asked questions and answers

Every month the OfficialToken investor community will pick and decide what charity or current event aid mission the monthly contribution will go to. As the overall liquidity of the Official Token charity wallet increases, we will increase the amount of the monthly contribution to charity recipients. Most aspects of this will also be determined by the OfficialToken investor community.

Tokenomics is a play on words combining “Token” and “Economics”. Simply put, tokenomics is the study of how cryptocurrency functions. This includes such things as token distribution as well as how they can be used to incentivize positive behavior.ย 

In the case of OfficialToken, our Tokenomics incentivizes holders with a constant deflationary value to their holdings. What this means is that for every transaction on the OfficialToken network (Buy, Sell, or Transfer) there is a 8% fee incurred. That fee feeds back to the community and overall stability of the project.

This 8% transaction fee is distributed to 3 fundamental pillars of the OfficialToken tokenomics.

  • 3% goes to Liquidity
  • 3% goes to Burn Wallet (essentially disappears or goes inaccessible forever)
  • 2% goes to Marketing & Charity Wallet

The 3% Liquidity distribution provides the financial liquidity that allows for buy & sell (swap) orders.

The 3% Burn creates the autonomous deflationary function. For every transaction that someone else may do on the network, that 3% disappears forever! So your remaining tokens become more scarce over time with every transaction. With increased scarcity comes increased value!

Of course, the 2% autonomous distribution to the Charity & Marketing Wallet provides the funds for monthly charity contributions as well as funds to market the project, further expanding our reach to broaden our charitable giving pursuits.

First, lets address what Token Reflections are!

This function automatically distributes a portion of the transaction fee from every transaction back to the holder wallets within the project. So your wallet token holdings increase in quantity over time with every transaction on the network.ย 

We chose not to opt for a reflection function to our tokenomics for multiple reasons. Firstly, we want to prevent exorbitant transaction fees. We feel 8% was suitable for this project. Many have 10-12% transaction fees to feed this additional “reflection” function!

Second, we chose to increase the burn rate instead which fundamentally does the same function of increasing the value of every holder’s wallet with every network transaction. This is the magic of autonomous deflation at work! As time progresses, holding Official Tokens becomes more valuable!

Third, and one of the most important reasons most tend to overlook is that this also lowers the concern for token investors in what we like to refer as “Whale Milking”. Whale milking simply allows an entity who holds a large quantity of tokens (often called a whale) to continuously “milk” the liquidity by selling the large reflections they receive consistently, and never actually decreasing the amount of tokens they hold in the long term. By eliminating the reflection functionality these whales aren’t receiving billions or trillions of tokens every day that they can sell, slowly milking the liquidity.ย 

Lastly, adding reflection functionality is a difficult, sometimes impossible, and painstaking process for exchanges to implement. So this helps make the eventual adoption of OfficialToken on exchanges simple.

We have taken many steps to assure the public that we are a trustworthy and ethical project! Unfortunately there are many projects that end up being “rug pull” scams created by elicit and anonymous scam artists feeding on those wanting to make a quick buck. Even we have fallen victim to a few of these. In fact, the impetus for the Official Token project was started by the Founder (Eric Dennis) because of this type of scenario.

We are not an anonymous group! We have shown our faces and “doxxed” ourselves by saying who we are, leaving the admin team open and accessible for questioning in various public outlets including live AMA (ask me anything) interviews.

Locked Liquidity – We have locked liquidity until December, at which point it will be moved to v2 for extended lock. Current lock Here

We are also currently undergoing an audit which will be provided publicly when completed.

Yes! As the project grows, we will have better leverage for acceptance on various exchanges. Each has their own criteria to be met, and we already have some on our short list!

We certainly realize it is easier for some people to purchase tokens via an exchange instead of the DEX wallet swap method (which is a little more difficult).

We will keep the public updated on these developments as they progress!


Our Roadmap including fulfilled goals, and upcoming goals
  • Initialization - Q2-2021
    Pre-launch marketing on Social Media - โœ… Done
    Project Launch - โœ… Done
    Website Launch - โœ… Done
  • Launch - Q2-2021
    Presale & Pancake Swap Listing - โœ… Done
    First Burn (10 Trillion Tokens) - โœ… Done
  • Marketing - Q2-2021
    Hiring Public Relations Team - ๐Ÿ•’
    Influencer Video Productions - ๐Ÿ•’
    Live Streaming - ๐Ÿ•’
    On-Boarding New Influencers - ๐Ÿ•’
  • Charity - Q2-2021
    First Charity Donations
    Content Generation for Mainstream Media Publication (Public Relations Team)
  • Ethical Launchpad - Q3-2021
    Release tools and implements to enable our Ethical Launchpad project,.

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team of professionals are located around the globe to help administrate various aspects of the OfficialToken project and community!

Eric Dennis

Community Leader